CCR in the Newspapers

Al Jazeera
Sri Lankan ex-president's vanity airport project grounded by cash crunch
31. March 2015 [read article]

The Sunday Times
Rural lad with a childhood passion for animals turns researcher on jumbos
1. March 2015 [read article]

Wbur's The Wild Life
A dwarf elephant with outsized attitude
22.12.2014 [read article - listen to interview]

The Nation
We are not enemies
14. December 2014

The Sunday Times
Jumbos cry for a home on the range
9. November 2014 [read article]

The Star
Villagers keep a watchful eye over jumbos
6. October 2014 [read article]

Ceylon Today
Fencing wild life parks will kill 80% of Lanka's elephants
16. August 2014

Wohlfühloase für Elefanten
7. August 2014

Ceylon Today
Elephant experts predict miserable failure
28. July 2014
On track to 'go beyond the critical point': Sri Lanka still losing forests at rapid clip
15. July 2014 [read article]
Epidemic of elephant calf kidnapping hits Sri Lanka, say conservationists
21. May 2014 [read article]

Ceylon Today
Methods to mitigate human-elephant conflict discussed
12. February 2014

Ceylon Today
Human vs elephant conflict – whitherto?
19. January 2014

The Sunday Leader
Elephant Killers Roam Free!
29. December 2013 [read article]
Little elephant is the first scientific record of dwarfism in the wild
19. December 2013 [read article]
Asian elephants depend on shifting cultivation during the dry season
16. December 2013 [read article]
Sri Lankan elephant amnesty will lead to poaching, warn conservationists
3. December 2013 [read article]

Zu kleiner Dickhäuter
26. November 2013 [read article]

The Sunday Times
Look at that little fella!
24. November 2013 [read article]

The Sunday Times
Leave Gemunu alone, plead elephant experts
8. September 2013 [read article]

The Nation
Shocked into submission
21. July 2013

Elefanten meiden die Wildnis
10. July 2013 [read article]

The Sunday Times
Wild elephants, people and an electric fence
23. June 2013 [read article]

Lanka Business Online
Early Warning
27. March 2013

The Sunday Time
Jumbos not bothered about Mattala
24. March 2013 [read article]

The Sunday Times
Hakka pataas set to become elephant killer no. 1
13. February 2013 [read article]

The Sunday Times
Feeding wild elephants is high-risk entertainment
13. January 2013 [read article]

The Sunday Times
The case for conserving elephant landscapes
23. December 2012 [read article]

Asian Scientist
Relocation Fails To Stop Elephant-Human Conflict
21. December 2012 [read article]

The Sunday Times
Changing locations fail to mitigate man-beast conflict, says landmark study
9. December 2012 [read article]

Relocating elephants backfires
7. December 2012 [read article]

The Sunday Leader
Double fencing Uda Walawe elephants!
7. October 2012

The Nation
Elephantine errors
4. December 2011 [read article]

The Australian
The gathering of giants
19. November 2011 [read article]

The Sunday Times
Jumbos hit by trains: When will these tragedies end?
13. November 2011 [read article]

The Sunday Times
Galgamuwa tusker in sanctuary for now
6. November 2011 [read article]

The Sunday Times
USAID pulls out of electric fence project
30. October 2011 [read article]

Daily News
Born free and wild
28. October 2011

Daily Mirror
Driving them out will worsen the human-jumbo conflict
26. October 2011

The Sunday Times
Snares are latest weapon in relentless man-beast conflict
23. October 2011 [read article]

The Sunday Times
Conflict over jumbo census
14. August 2011 [read article]

The Sunday Times
Villagers block junction demanding solution to human-elephant conflict
31. July 2011 [read article]

The Sunday Times
Counting elephants-The other side of the coin
24. July 2011 [read article]

The Sunday Times
No move to drive jumbos from Hambantota: Official
24. July 2011 [read article]

The Sunday Leader
Lost aid to be salvaged
17. July 2011

The Sunday Times
Gentle giants and babes at the mercy of roaring ‘yakada yakas’
26. June 2011 [read article]

The Sunday Times
‘Gathering’ under threat?
15. May 2011 [read article]

The Sunday Times
Conservationists want President’s help to save WB ecosystems project
8. May 2011 [read article]

The Sunday Times
Don’t stump the ‘Stumpies’ of Hambantota
27. February 2011 [read article]

The Sunday Leader
The jumbo plan
9. January 2011 [read article]

Daily Mirror
Save our elephants!
16. Nov. 2010

Daily Mirror
Twist of fate
26. October 2010

Daily Mirror
Rogue collared at last
19. October 2010

The Sunday Times
The lone battle of a four legged brigadier
6. June 2010 [read article]

Daily Mirror
Wild jumbos cause extensive damage
28. April 2010

The Sunday Leader
Experts debate jumbo problem
18. October 2009

Daily Mirror
Kana Kota captured
29. June 2009

The Sunday Times
Top award for doc of the wilds
17. May 2009 [read article]

The Sunday Times
Why do elephants come back home?
5. April 2009 [read article]

WWF News Centre
Humans and elephants on collision course in South Asia
17. Nov. 2008

Sunday Observer
Elephantine misconceptions. From human-elephant conflict to human-elephant coexistence
2. Nov. 2008 [read article]

The Sunday Times
Don’t make national parks ghettos for our elephants
5. August 2007 [read article]

Hunderte Elefanten werden in Asien illegal getötet
by Daniel Bächtold
26. May 2007

Daily Mirror
Wildlife Dept. and the plight of elephants
25. May 2007

Daily Mirror
An end to the killing?
11. May 2007

Daily Mirror
Ignored Policy and Imprisoned Elephants
19. April 2007

Daily News
Major plan under way to restore Lanka's natural ecosystems
3. March 2005 [read article]

Daily News
Chena and elephants; age-old co-existence
1. Nov. 2004 [read article]

Daily News
Homing in on elephant ranging patterns
12. Oct. 2004 [read article]

tv Hören und Sehen
Die Magie der weissen "Sue"
28. August 2004, No. 35

Daily News
White elephants and blue moons
12. August 2004, Vol. 88, No. 192

The Sunday Times
BBC spotlight on Lankan wildlife
8. August 2004, Vol. 39, No. 10, Page 8

The Sunday Times
Not yet another 'white elephant'
8. August 2004, Vol. 39, No. 10, Page 13

Süddeutsche Zeitung
Ganz in Weiss. Albion-Elefant in Sri Lanka
5. August 2004, No. 179, Page 10

The New York Times
An elephant that stands out in a crowd
3. August 2004, Vol. 153, No. 52,930

The Washington Post
Biologist locate white elephant
2. August 2004, Vol. 122, No. 241

The Sunday Times
Bringing a white to light
1. August 2004, Vol. 39, No. 9, Page 12

Sunday Observer
White elephant in Yala
25. July 2004 [read article]

Daily Mirror
Rare white elephant in Yala: Wildlife experts thrilled
24. July 2004, Vol. 6, No. 31

The Island
White elephant in Yala
24. July 2004, Vol. 24, No. 175