Publications on Asian Elephants 2015

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JAMA 314 (2015) 1850-1860 - No permission to print abstract for free Abstract/Download

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Osteocalcin and bone-specific alkaline phosphatase in Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) at different ages
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Cranial evidence for the presence of a second endemic elephant species on Cyprus
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Pinnae movement of captive Asian elephants weakly affected by environmental factors
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Impact of mining on elephants of Chhotanagpur Plateau, Central India
Gajah 42 (2015) 30-33

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Interplay of male traits, male mating strategies and female mate choice in the Asian elephant, Elephas maximus
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Training and health of captive elephant keepers in Sri Lanka
Gajah 42 (2015) 38-40

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Some traditional captive elephant management practices in Sri Lanka
Gajah 43 (2015) 42-45

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Elephant–railway conflict in a biodiversity hotspot: Determinants and perceptions of the conflict in northern West Bengal, India
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Population pharmacokinetics of rifampin in the treatment of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Asian elephants
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Managing elephants in Sri Lanka: Where we are and where we need to be
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PLoS ONE 10 (2015) e0116318 Abstract/Download

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An attitude assessment of human-elephant conflict in a critical wildlife corridor within the Terai Arc Landscape, India
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Patterns and determinants of habitat occupancy by the Asian elephant in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, India
PLoS ONE 10 (2015) e0133233 Abstract/Download

N. Jayasinghe
WWF AREAS HEC workshop report
Gajah 43 (2015) 50-51

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Impact of Gujjar Rehabilitation Programme on the group size of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in Rajaji National Park, North-West India
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Tusker’s social bonds in Rajaji
Hystrix, the Italian Journal of Mammalogy 26 (2015) 41-45 Abstract/Download

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International Journal of Applied Sciences and Biotechnology 3 (2015) 744-746

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Entomological Science 18 (2015) 288-291 Abstract/Download

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Human impact and climate cooling caused range contraction of large mammals in China over the past two millennia
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Risk factors for saddle-related skin lesions on elephants used in the tourism industry in Thailand
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A quantification of damage and assessment of economic loss due to crop raiding by Asian elephant Elephas maximus (Mammalia: Proboscidea: Elephantidae): A case study of Manas National Park, Assam, India
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Human-elephant conflict around Manas National Park: Local people’s attitudes, expectations and perceptions
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Building relationships between Asian mahouts
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A preliminary analysis of the influence of handling method on adrenal activity in zoo African and Asian elephants
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Role of body size in activity budgets of mammals in the Western Ghats of India
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Gajah 42 (2015) 7-14

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Elephant corridors in northern West Bengal
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A. Rübel & R.E. Honegger
Appreciation: Dr. Fred Kurt (18.2.1939-6.6.2015)
Gajah 42 (2015) 46-47

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Population structure and distribution of Asian elephants in Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve, India
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Fatal elephant encounters on humans in Bangladesh: Context and incidences
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The Asian elephant is amongst the top three frugivores of two tree species with easily edible fruit
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Elephant behaviour in the night according to Sage Palakapya
Gajah 42 (2015) 41-43

K.G. Sheshadri
Basti therapy of elephants according to Sage Palakapya
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Summary ASEAN Captive Elephant Working Group meeting
Gajah 43 (2015) 46-47

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Elephas anthropogenus
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A visual system for scoring body condition of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)
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An investigation into resting behavior in Asian elephants in UK zoos
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