Elephant Conservation

Around 150 elephants and 50 people die every year in human elephant conflicts in Sri Lanka. We need alternative strategies for elephant conservation.
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Tracking Elephants

How do you study elephants? An elephant can disappear into the forest like a ghost. We are tracking elephants using new GPS collars.
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Awareness Program

How can we better mitigate the human-elephant-conflict? We want to explain our findings. The people are the ones who are asking for action!
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Electric Fences

What would happen if an elephant touched an electric fence? A ‘thundering shock’. We explore electric fencing as an elephant management strategy.
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Social Organisation

Our research suggests that Asian elephants have a very different social organisation to African savannah elephants.
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Tsunami Impact on Natural Areas

Are natural systems resilient enough to take it in their stride? Can tsunamis be an important force in shaping coastal eco-systems?
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